Dear Patriot,

I couldn’t believe what I heard. Today, during Congressional hearings on presidential power, renowned George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, a liberal who is well known and well respected in progressive circles, said what most Republicans in Congress would not.

photoIn regards to the constant changing of his ‘signature legislation’ Obamacare, Turley said Obama had “claimed the right of the king to essentially stand above the law.” Why? Because he has no constitutional authority to make such changes.

Finally! We have someone say before Congress that Obama is out of bounds, over the line, overstepping his authority as president. If only that had come from a sitting member of Congress. But, these words did embolden Republicans to finally speak about the possibility of impeachment of Barack Obama. In fact, Rep. Blake Farenthold from Texas even said they have enough votes in the House to impeach Obama.

Our question?

What are they waiting for???

Tell your elected officials that you are tired of Obama’s tyranny. You are tired of the usurper ignoring the Constitution. You are tired of their spineless reaction to his lawlessness!

Sign the petition to IMPEACH Obama! The time is NOW!!

Thank you,
Jennifer Burke
National Outreach Director

Update: Every day that goes by we get closer and closer to being able to IMPEACH the worst president in the history of this great republic. If it has been more than 6 weeks since you sent congress this petition sign it again, then forward this email to friends and family to do the same! We have had a much better start to December than we did in November as far as fundraising goes, but please if you haven’t donated in the last 30 days please consider giving as little as $5… we need your help.